Need to rent kiln space?

When I realised I was creating too much work to fire at the local evening class, I was a bit stuck. I could buy clay relatively cheaply, and it only takes a few tools to get started, but what was I going to do about firing? 

Luckily for me, Anglian Potters helped me find somebody local who rents kiln space at a very reasonable price. Now, via this page, I want to share the love, and help other beginner potters find kiln-space too. 

If you know somebody who rents kiln-space near you, please ask them to get in touch with me so I can include them here.

DISCLAIMER: This is purely an introduction, you will need to discuss terms with the potter. Remember to think about potential breakages, damage to kiln-shelves from excessively flowy glaze, kiln malfunctions etc. 


Mariam Cullum (near Mildenhall)