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1. Freya Bramble Carter

Published 18 July 2020


Freya is a ceramics artist based in London, creating work inspired by the natural world. Her dad, Chris Bramble, has been a ceramics artists and teacher for over 30 years, and Freya has made and fired ceramics with him since she was a child. Chris and Freya now share a studio space in Kingsgate Workshops, London.


You may have seen Freya on series 2 of the Great Pottery Throw Down in 2017. Since then, Freya's work has continued to develop and she is currently making large pots with distinctive, expressive shapes, decorated in a range of styles. You can follow her on Instagram and Chris here.

Remember to visit Freya's website.

In this conversation, Freya explains how lockdown has given her time to reflect on life in general and to think about her work, since she's been unable to teach the classes that would normally take up some of her time. We hear about a recent collaboration, in which Freya has been able to see her work decorated in a very different style. During the chat, Freya opens her kiln for a peek at her latest creations and talks about her hopes for the future.


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