ClayCraft Issue 15 - Throwing with coloured clay

I LOVED the coloured clay project I wrote about in ClayCraft issue 15! It was so simple to do, albeit incredibly messy, and I'd soon made those beautiful slab-built pieces you'll see in the mag. But just looking at those colours made me desperate to get it on the wheel.

At the very first opportunity, that's exactly what I did, with a few lumps of clay where I'd pressed the colours together into reasonable-sized pieces for throwing. I was a bit worried that this would leave air bubbles, since I couldn't then wedge the clay, or the colours would all get blended together, but this wasn't an issue at all, as it turned out.

I've made a very short - 2 minute - video to give you a flavour of throwing with coloured clay. My favourite moments were the reveals: one at the initial opening of the clay, revealing what's inside, and the other at the end, as the slip was scraped off to reveal the pattern.

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