First glaze delivery! Eeeeeep!

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

Last Saturday, term started again, and ClayBoy and I headed back to college. I had a huge pile of bisque-ware to glaze, having been hand-building at home since the last course ended nearly 5 months earlier. And so Term 2 started as Term 1 had ended: frantic glazing.

I'd decided that it made sense to use classes for glazing, since they have a great collection of Amaco glazes, and to get anywhere near that at home would cost a fortune. Each pint pot is somewhere between £11 and £15, and there's delivery on top. But in that first class back I only glazed three things. I needed a rethink. Plus, who wants to spend that precious time with like-minded people just working like a demon? I wanted to chat, and laugh, and look at what everyone was making so we could ooh and aah together.

The good news was that my birthday was approaching, and although I really needed some new clothes, at least I had some, whereas my poor old pots were completely naked... 

So yesterday I joyfully took delivery of two boxes of lovely glazes. 

Amaco Potters Choice

- Iron Lustre

- Smoky Merlot

- Chun Plum

- Blue Rutile

- Oatmeal

- Palladium

- Seaweed

Amaco Celadon

- Obsidian

- Ice

- Rainforest

Amaco Shino

- Acai Matte

Plus a brush and a pot of wax resist...

Don't ask about the cost :-(

Unfortunately I ordered two pints of Acai Matte, and forgot the Ancient Jasper, so I've asked my kids if that can be my birthday present from them...

So we got started. First I had a go at my dad's sax mug, 3 coats of Ice on the inside and round the rim, since the Palladium on the outside wouldn't be food safe.

Then one of my groove mugs. The inspiration was a picture from Pinterest that I can't find a source for, so I won't include here. It was 3 coats of Obsidian inside and out, then 2 x Blue Rutile at the bottom, 2 x Smokey Merlot in the middle, 2 x Seaweed at the top, all overlapped about half a centimetre. Can't wait to see how it fires!