Mario for Happy Sawyer

I have a fabulous nephew, Sawyer (, who turned seven earlier this year.

Naturally I wanted to make him something out of clay for his birthday, and so I turned to the thing he loves most: Mario! 

Originally, the Mario mug was intended to have a lid in the shape of his cap, but sadly this turned out to be beyond my abilities. The best I could do was attach a sort-of cap to the front of the mug and hope it didn't bash his nose when he drank.

So far, Mario is awaiting a little colour in his life when I get time to glaze him in class. He and

Sawyer have already been introduced, at which point Sawyer asked why I hadn't put 'the round thing' on. He meant a handle, derrrr, and I explained I'd made the ears to be used as handles, watching as he tried out this ear-holding sip-action.

So far so good.